Tony Elumelu Foundation Sponsors A Project to Map S&T Innovation Clusters in Nigeria


ICT is playing major roles in the course of socio-economic development of Nigeria. It has redesigned major industrial sectors by enabling more efficient business processes. In both the public and private sectors, it is driving a new vista of human and organizational capabilities that will equip the nation to compete at both regional and international levels.

This remarkable success of ICT in integrating the interface of people, processes and tools seem to have masked the advancements in many other technology areas in Nigeria. Indeed, from metal processing to agriculture, from shoe making to dyeing, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and startups are creating innovations. The trajectory of these changes is largely local with entities localized based on specific factors that improve their capacities to compete.

Understanding these developments and where they are taking place will be important for government and the business community. That knowledge will give policymakers the insights to know the areas to stimulate with appropriate government interventions.  It will usher an era where S&T innovation policymaking is driven by data even at local levels.

An initiative, Nigeria Cluster Mapping project, is undertaking to collect, curate and map these technology innovations, formal or informal.  The goal is to uncover the pockets of industry clusters where companies with similar attributes co-exist. It will provide government and business community with data and tools for understanding what drives clustering, in every region of Nigeria, and how policy can boost its efficiency.  This project will help take guesswork out of innovation policymaking by provide data and tools.

Our project methodology involves surveys (for innovators, creators, hobbyists, startups, research labs, tinkerers, tipsters, etc), site visits, interviews and more. The site will be updated with dates when our researchers will be in many of our cities.

The project is managed by African Institution of Technology with Milonics Analytics providing the statistical modeling and data analytic tools. The Tony Elumelu Foundation is sponsoring the project. For more, visit


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